Professional Window Cleaning in Lower Moutere

The cute little town of Lower Moutere is known for being charming and picturesque, especially during the Autumn months. So we ask - Why would you want to look out on all that beauty through grimy and dirty windows?

We service the entire area of Lower Moutere with our efficient world class, window cleaning service that provides you with a crystal clear view of the town and beautiful waters of the Tasman Bay.

For homes or businesses in Lower Moutere, we can give you sparkling clean windows that you’ll be proud of.


Our insured window washing family also cleans glass railing panels and windbreaks also known as balustrading. Any glass structures on your premises can be cleaned by us as well.

Our team of window washers use the latest window washing equipment to provide a fast and efficient service. If needed, we will remove all the screens from the windows, clean them and also clean the sills and window frames before replacing the screens back in. A neat and tidy service.

Our cutting edge equipment also enables us to clean second and third story windows, often without the need to use ladders depending on how dirty the windows are.


Don’t spend another day looking out of streaked and grimy windows at the charming views of Lower Moutere. See the town as it should be seen! To make an appointment, please call us today. We cover the entire Tasman Coastline as well as the town of Upper Moutere.