Professional Window Cleaning in Mapua

The suburb of Mapua is prone to the same problems that affect other towns on the Tasman and Nelson bay Coastlines. For all the beauty afforded by life by the seashore, the salt air definetly takes a toll on the window panes of the town’s businesses and homes.

Fortunately, we offer a window cleaning solution designed to spare you from the endless chore of keeping your windows looking crystal clear and sparkling clean free from the unsitely build up of salt on windows.


We use the latest window cleaning technology to make short work of even second and third story windows, often without using any ladders. We work quickly and efficiently to restore your windows to their original clear clarity both inside and out.

Our fully insured window washing team will remove all your window screens as the first step in the process. Then we clean your window panes and sills to remove the dirt, grime and salt air deposits before replacing the window screens. We also clean glass railing panels and windbreaks also known as glass balustrading.

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Please call us to make an appointment. We cover the entire Tasman and Nelson Bay coastlines as well as the towns and surrounding areas of Mapua. Whether you own a home or business in Mapua, we can take the chore of window washing off your hands.