Benifits of Routine Window Cleaning

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Seek routine Nelson window cleaning from our team to enjoy the following benefits.
  • Protection for your windows — Hard water, acid, and dirt like to attach themselves to window panes and frames, reducing the view to the exterior as well as impairing window functionality. Routine cleaning helps to protect your investment and keeps your windows looking streak-free and their best for decades to come.
  • Safe and effective cleaning — If the exterior of your windows is hard to reach or impossible to clean from the inside, it may be unsafe for you to attempt DIY window cleaning. We don’t just use ladders, we have waterfed poles and use harnesses on roofs as well as other tools to help us clean your windows safely and efficiently.
  • More natural light — Dirty and salt-encrusted windows restrict the sunlight entering your home. Often, DIY window cleaning doesn’t help much because of the smudges and streaks left behind. We clean with the best window washing solutions to prevent unsitely spotting and streaking. Just be careful you dont walk into the glass when we are done!
  • Early detection of damage — Many homeowners look out of their windows, but very few really take a detailed "look at" their windows. As part of the cleaning process, URBAN inspects locking mechanisms, window frames, hinges, and other window and door components for signs of any damage. If we see any problems that need attention, we’ll let you know so you can organize a repair or replacement if you choose to.

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