Professional Window Cleaning Services are Available in Motueka

We serve the entire town of Motueka and the surrounding area with our professional window cleaning service. Whether you own a shop on The Coastal Higway or a home overlooking the Motueka Valley, we know that dirt and salt can build up on your windows and spoil your beautiful view!

Our aim is to restore your views to ones that your houseguests or customers will readily appreciate. We can even set up a regular schedule of window cleaning. We provide a window washing service that frees you from the tiresome chore of maintaining your windows in a sparkling clean state in Motueka.


Using the latest gear in window cleaning equipment, we make short work of even the dirtiest and most salt encrusted windows. Especially the houses along Motueka Quay.

We will clean your window panes as well as the window frames and sills, even getting down into the corners to rid your window frames of debris, cobwebs and gecko's. We finish by replacing your window screens back in, leaving you with a streak free window finish.

We understand that its difficult to keep your windows in pristine condition all year round, so why not schedule a regular cleaning basis with us, so that you can pay attention to the more important things like spending valuable time with family and good friends.


If you own a home or business in Motueka, we can take the hassle of cleaning windows off your hands. To really see the difference clean windows can mean to the beauty of your views, give us a call to make an appointment. You'll be glad you did!