Professional Window Cleaning Services in Moana

We offer both home and commercial window cleaning services to the suburb of Moana. We know that living in the Nelson Region, your windows are subject to salt deposits that make the views out your windows seem hazy and indistinct. URBAN are the most polite and professional window cleaners Nelson has to offer. You’ll love what we can do to enhance your view.

You can solve this problem without adding another task to your life by calling us and having your windows expertly cleaned. URBAN is an insured, professional team that knows how to get the job done, so that you dont have to worry. Wouldn’t you like to gaze out on the lighthouse through sparkling clean windows?


When you book an appointment with us, our team will jump into action. We’ll carefully remove all the screens from your windows as the first step. After that, we’ll thoroughly wash and clean all your window panes, frames and sills. We’ll even get right into the corners and remove any debris or cobwebs that may be present.

URBAN uses the latest in window washing technology. This allows them to access up to third story to efficiently and spotlessly clean all your windows, often without having to use ladders which can be dangerous if not used properly.


If you are grwoing weary of seeing the Tasman Bay and Nelson Ranges through hazy and streaked windows, please call us today. We service the entire suburb and surrounding areas of Moana and we will soon have your windows looking as good as new.